BRIDGE: the place to buy denim

We are thrilled to “officially” introduce a new concept shop at The Foursome Clothing Store designed to bridge the gap between modern casual wear, versatile denim, fine footwear, and tailored clothing. At The Foursome, we look for inspiration and strive to implement new ideas that reach beyond the ordinary. The Bridge is a shop within our men’s shop that offers a new experience to menswear fanatics. It tells a story and gives out-of-the-box ideas to compliment various personalities.

Bridge Shop at The Foursome

Bridge Shop at The Foursome

Dressing up and down have something in common- they both revolve around denim. If you get out once in a while, you’ve probably noticed that denim is no longer just for weekend house projects. The world of denim has expanded in so many directions that jeans are as varied as a box of crayons. From washes to contours to fabric weight, there are a thousand ways to wear denim and surely a specific brand or two for every individual to fall in love with. Medium to dark washes in denim give a more sophisticated look that can even be worn in place of dress pants at times.

Denim in many washes and hues

Men’s jeans now come in many varieties and washes

New for us this season is Robert Graham denim with a hand and wash that is quite unique. Their signature red pocket lining with polka dots and washed-out multi-color stitching on the back pockets put these jeans over the top. Oh 34 Heritage denim, how we love you. More than any other item in our store, we recommend our 34 Heritage pants to everyone. What guy wouldn’t want to wear denim with stretch and superb quality that makes them look amazing. With a lower rise and younger man’s cut, Mavi jeans are made to fit the body well. This well trusted brand has been in the business for years. Tommy Bahama denim continues to make great jeans in a variety of washes. Their fashion denim is as current as any.

Robert Graham denim, new at The Foursome fall 2013

Robert Graham denim, new at The Foursome fall 2013

In addition to denim, our Bridge area has an assortment of five pocket pants. Like jeans with five pockets and exposed stitching, these pants have a similar look and feel but are constructed out of different fabric weaves and vary in drape. From canvas to velvety cotton to variegated blends with a bit of stretch, this casual pant is a great alternative to denim but with the same comfort and wearability. Five pocket pants could even replace a more traditional pair of khakis you have had in your drawer for a while.

5 pocket pants from 34 Heritage, Rodd & Gunn, and Tommy Bahama

5 pocket pants from 34 Heritage, Rodd & Gunn, and Tommy Bahama

The Bridge showcases more than just pants. As for tops, we love our Robert Graham collection full of flavor and everything special. Made with extraordinary attention to detail from the interior woven label to contrasting cuff prints to unusual buttons hand picked to compliment each shirt. Our Italian designed Bugatchi line offers modern and colorful woven shirts that look great with denim and the like. Thomas Dean button down shirts have their own look, perhaps more subtle in aesthetic but with wide spread collars and interesting cuff combinations they are very current. Offering more casual top options, our beloved Tommy Bahama denim line adds in some great long sleeve layering pieces as well as a wonderful selection of woven shirts.

Tommy Bahama denim collection

Tommy Bahama denim collection

In menswear magazines and on the street, soft coats worn with jeans are all the rage. The non-dictionary definition of a soft coat; a soft shouldered, less structured, less formal sport coat that is both comfortable and versatile. I tell guys they can even wear them like a they would a zip-up sweatshirt or their favorite quarter zip sweater. Think of a these sport coats as another layering piece and a must have! The options abound in fit and as well as fabric. You will find them made by a handful of brands and sprinkled throughout the Bridge shop.

Flynt soft coat and Robert Graham stripe shirt

Flynt soft coat and Robert Graham stripe shirt

Come and explore The Bridge, the place to to buy denim!

– By Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome


Tuxedos and Formal Wear: Options Abound


Thank goodness tuxedos keep with the times. Whether it’s prom, a wedding, or another big occasion on your horizon, we have more to report than the stereotypical blah bland stiff tuxedo. I am talking plenty of options, especially when it comes to fit.

The Foursome is a dealer of both Jim’s Formal Wear and Savvi – and each of these providers have three fit categories to choose from: Traditional, Modern, and Slim Fit. There are also various pant options: Modern Slim (slimmer through hip and thigh, shorter rise) Flat Front (narrower through the hip) and Pleated Front (fuller through hip and thigh) All three styles work well with all body types, it is just a matter of silhouette preference.

Accessorizing a tuxedo is where the fun starts in expressing your own personality. Color is a great place to start. New vest programs offer more than 20 hues to choose from and include some neons, of course. Full back Vests are made with matching back color so you will still look great when you drop your coat before hitting the dance floor. There are other a la carte items to specialize your tuxedo. For a sophisticated look, add a striped Joseph Abboud Windsor tie. Or if you like the Modern slim fit, be especially up on fashion wearing a skinny tie. And as we have mentioned before…don’t forget the pocket square!

Commonly asked questions

  • When should I come in to order my prom tux?  ASAP. Even if you don’t know what your date is wearing, place your tuxedo order and add your accessories later
  • When should I book my wedding party? You should register your wedding at least 2 months in advance to allow for enough time for groomsmen to get measured. No appointment is necessary, but we encourage you to call ahead if possible.
  • How much does it cost to rent a tuxedo?  About $70 to $150. Add shoes for an extra $25 and a pocket square for $8. Click here for our special offers.
  • Do you rent suits? Yes! And you will be pleased with the quality garments available.

Beyond the Tux: Outfitting a Wedding Party

If you are not glued to the traditional tuxedo look and perhaps envision a more casual summer or beach wedding, there are a plethora of smart ways to outfit a wedding party at The Foursome. By spending a little more money on a great pair of pants, shirt, and tie, the wedding party goes home with lasting wardrobe pieces.

A few ideas…

  • Guys wear the same pants and shirt but different colored ties. We have plenty of brights to go around!
  • Guys and girls wear a monochromatic color scheme, different shades of the same color.
  • Pick matching suits for the guys from one of our in-stock suit programs.
  • For the beach wedding: a Tommy Bahama linen suit. A soft shouldered sportcoat and flat front pant combo, casual yet well put together. Wear with a white linen shirt untucked.

My top “nontraditional” formal wear picks…

  •  Forsyth of Canada wrinkle free dress or sport shirts in beautiful solid colors.
  • For a casual, modern shirt with a nice spread collar we suggest Thomas Dean sport shirts. They have a subtle double top button and contrasting cuffs.
  • Five pocket charcoal travel pant by Riviera

Looking for the right media guy? We have a recommendation. Bryan Bratt is a local guy doing original videography for weddings and other special events. Check out a sample of his work here.

– By Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome

Men’s Fashion: Appreciate the Details

Robert Graham Shirts

There seems to be a surprise under every cuff these days. Pattern next to pattern, contrasting colors, interesting combinations of textiles within one item of clothing. Often, the extra attention given to these garments is only seen by the wearer. But the great thing is that you can hide or expose these elements depending on your preference or mood. We are seeing this sort of thing in nearly every brand. It is evident that incorporating tasteful components into each garment is important in men’s fashion.

One benefit to these extra snippets of fabric here and there is that you get versatility. The average woven shirt now has a personality switch. Roll your cuff or unbutton your collar as you leave the office and you have a new look for happy hour. Need a shirt for date night? Loosen the sleeve and your garment becomes artful. Its simple and inspiring.

Robert Graham shirts are known for their distinct details. Bold stitchwork, embroidered fabrics paired with stripes, square buttons, bright thread throughout. You can hardly define the designs as subtle. However, they remain sophisticated and brilliant. The details define the brand. Similar in flavor, yet not quite as spicy, are our Bugatchi and Visconti shirts from Italy. Unique design work is often found hidden along the button holes, so when the top two buttons are left open the beautiful detail is seen next to the crisp exterior fabric. Purely striking.

Thomas Dean Shirts

Alex Cannon adds suede piping along the edges of their knitwear and also offers a variety of shirts with contrasting fabric details. Bills Khakis incorporates plaids and ticking fabrics to the interior parts of their deep pocketed pants. Not visible to the onlooker but definitely worth seeing when you get dressed in the morning. St. Croix gives you a reason to respect their high fashion brand by choosing incredible metal zippers, hardware, and buttons. This season we are seeing leather mixed with knitwear, along with other surprisingly beautiful combinations.

One cannot forget Tommy Bahama. I am continually amazed at their attention to detail. Every shipment seems to outdo the last. We are seeing many reversible pieces, giving you two for the price of one. More than one style of button is sometimes matched with a particular shirt. Serged hemlines, intentional unfinished edges, small patches of fabric along the sides. . . It is obvious this brand believes that little things make a big difference.

Tommy Bahama Shirts

Vibrant Fall Fashions

Take a sneak peak at the early fall collections hitting the floor at The Foursome…


Fabulous Fall Colors. We love the interesting details and contrasting textiles in these fashionable woven shirts by Robert Graham.

Fresh New Brands. Everyone is talking about these sophisticated new shirts by Thomas Dean, brand new this fall at The Foursome.

Fantastic Ensembles.
Mix and match your favorite brands like Tommy Bahama, Polo, and 34 Heritage to create electric looks for work or play.

Fashionable Colored Pants.
For the hometown guy, we have new colored khakis and rustic plaid shirts by Bill’s Khakis. Made here in the USA.

Fabulous Outerwear.
Casual tees, sweaters, and jackets from The North Face. A great value and strikingly cool.