Evolving Men’s Fashion: New Ideas for Fall

Cool evenings are sweeping us in the mood for layers and wool, texture, comfort, and rich colors. It’s that time of year again. The cycle of seasons changing brings beauty to our experiences and revives us in new ways. In a parallel way, men’s fashion continually cycles in new trends and ideas with the pattern of seasons, while retiring fading ones into the recycling bin only to be made into something new in seasons to come. One thing stands true, menswear is ever evolving. Stay current with these top five trends we’re seeing for fall:

1. Neckwear: New Contours, Colors and Textures
Just five years ago, the neckwear business had a bleak looking future. But thanks to reinventions and thinking outside the box, it is once again on the up and up. Four elements seem to be driving new excitement for this historic accessory: skinnier ties, color, seasonal fabric, and bow ties. The younger crowd is catching on and embracing it as well. So if your tie choices make you yawn, there are a plethora of inspiring new options to try. As for seasonal neckwear, Byron ties have incredibly interesting colors, weight, and textures to them. And by the way, you are no longer bound to only wearing neckwear with a suit. Guys are wearing this hot accessory with more casual wear as well.

Byron Neckties

Byron Neckties

2. Refined Casual Wear Inspired by Nature
Making a grand appearance this fall at the Foursome is a brand from New Zealand called Rodd & Gunn. Their philosophy is to create clothes that draw the best from nature in its purest state. The collection consists of cottons, wools, and leathers that are soft, practical, superbly textured and durable. Quality pulses in this brand and can be noticed a mile away both in the fit and the fabric. With a completely modern look that is grounded in the brand’s core values, the collection sings to a wide range of styles and preferences.

Rodd & Gunn apparel

Rodd & Gunn apparel

3. The New Fitting Pant
As denim business booms worldwide, we are starting to see denim-like pants popping up everywhere. They are called Five Pocket Pants, for the simple reason that they have five pockets like jeans do. With the ability to be both casual and dressier, they are perfectly versatile. Rodd & Gunn, Tommy Bahama, and 34 Heritage are a few good places to a start trying them on. A common misconception is that flat front, trimmer leg, shorter rise pants are only for the slender man. The fact is that these aspects in fit are well suited for all shapes and sizes.

5 pocket pants from 34 Heritage, Rodd & Gunn, and Tommy Bahama

5 pocket pants from 34 Heritage, Rodd & Gunn, and Tommy Bahama

4. The Versatile “Soft Coat”
Think outside tradition when you try on a sport coat this season. The new soft coat is hip, versatile, and less structured, lending to a more casual look. We are seeing them layered over button-down shirts, fine knit sweaters, and even long sleeve t-shirts. Wear with denim or any five pocket pant to work or on the weekend. It is the sport coat redefined.

Thaddeus soft coat over Bugatchi shirt and wool Byron necktie with 34 Heritage five pocket pants

Thaddeus soft coat over Bugatchi shirt and wool Byron necktie with 34 Heritage five pocket pants

5. Modern Fit
From suits to sport coats, woven shirts to pants, fit continues to trend toward the body. Less fabric and more contoured. The modern fit does not mean skinny, but current and flattering. And guys, this does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort to look good. A well-made garment will move with you and today’s fabric technology incorporates stretch without compromising quality and durability.

Modern fit Byron suit and neckwear

Modern fit Byron suit and neckwear

– By Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome


Accessories Make A Statement

Accessories are often essential items but are not limited by function. They help tell your fashion story, which does not have to be eccentric but is hopefully not boring. Some accessories are worth spending money on. For example, I justify spending a little extra dough on my spectacles because I wear them everyday and they are one of the first things people notice on me. (I love scrolling through our reading glass spinner on my way through the store. Did you know Eyebob frames can have prescriptions put in them!)

Tommy Bahama fall jacket layered with Hart Schaffner Marx vest, vintage Stormy Kromer hat, and Lauer gloves.

Accessories might strike some as feminine. But men’s fashion has caught onto a lot of what women have been enjoying for years. Take stretch denim for example. At The Foursome, we have a hard time keeping our beloved 34 Heritage denim fully stocked because it literally flies out the door. These “stretch” jeans are slimming and comfortable, yet are made to fit men well with extra height in the back waistline and the right amount of room everywhere else. Or what about socks? (I used to collect socks from my favorite Japanese line, so I am aware of the uniqueness a pair can offer your outfit.) Between Marcoliani and St. Croix and SmartWool, men are not left out in the cold when it comes to sock fashion. Socks are no longer just essential, they make a statement.

Marcoliani Italian socks pair well with Allen Edmonds shoes

Of the many available accessories for men, scarves are on my radar these days. Without looking at statistics, I can say from observation that scarves are a hot item. Women and men are wearing them every season of the year, they range from cotton to wool to silk and their price range is just as far reaching. A scarf adds color, pattern, personality. Winter is the obvious time to grab a few new ones to spice up your collection or replace the oldies.

While dressing mannequins a few months ago, I happened to walk past an informal buying meeting with Seaward & Stearn. In addition to eye-catching ties with flair and color, I spied a collection of scarves with as much fun woven into them as you would expect from this London based company. This week I noticed their arrival at The Foursome when I first came into work. I unfolded them and put them on display immediately. Seeing a folded pile of these beauties does not do them justice, varied weaves from front to back with reverse color and a mixtures of polka dots and stripes. They feel exquisite and look sophisticated. A truly special gift for yourself or someone important.

Seaward and Stern scarves

  – Words and Photos by Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome

Eyepopping Color

Rich and Saturated. The fall clothing at the Foursome is singing opera this season. It is truly deep and beautiful music. The most shocking notes come from the eyepopping color. Color? Shouldn’t we just talk about texture and layering for fall?  Well, the textures are as great as they should be this time of year. . . corduroy, leather, various knit wear, felted and boiled wool, thick flannel, fleece, fluffy zips, canvas pants. But the most glorious pieces for your wardrobe this year will be full of color. Vibrant and energetic.

Fall Fashions

At night, I sometimes lie awake thinking about a distinct color I have seen popping up in many of the fall collections this year. Benjamin Moore calls it Habanero Pepper, Geranium, Pinata, Moroccan Red. I call it Heirloom Tomato, Bittersweet Red, Orange Wine. It is very saturated and a beautiful mixture of red and orange, not too much or too little of either. Its perfect. I love it paired with something navy. Stunning.

Bill’s Khakis colored twill pants and plaid shirt.

Another specific color to start collecting this fall is green. Our Buyer, Scott Winterbottom  told me that we will be seeing more of this color in the months to come. He said its the hot color right now. We are seeing it in many shapes and shades. Chartreuse, Grass Green, Muted Lime Green, Chamomile, Deep Emerald Green. Even if you are a little shy, there is a hue to suite you.

Jackets, flannels, vests, and fleece from The North Face

Seeing, touching, and writing about the colorful fall apparel this year makes me giddy. A bit like a horse feels when the first nip of cool fall weather touches their nose. They run around the pasture with great speed and excitement, bucking with joy. Even if I have reason to be partial, I am very upfront, honest, and realistic. So you can trust me when I say that we have one of the best fall selections of merchandise I have ever seen at the Foursome. It sings.
  – Words by Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome

Men’s Fashion: Appreciate the Details

Robert Graham Shirts

There seems to be a surprise under every cuff these days. Pattern next to pattern, contrasting colors, interesting combinations of textiles within one item of clothing. Often, the extra attention given to these garments is only seen by the wearer. But the great thing is that you can hide or expose these elements depending on your preference or mood. We are seeing this sort of thing in nearly every brand. It is evident that incorporating tasteful components into each garment is important in men’s fashion.

One benefit to these extra snippets of fabric here and there is that you get versatility. The average woven shirt now has a personality switch. Roll your cuff or unbutton your collar as you leave the office and you have a new look for happy hour. Need a shirt for date night? Loosen the sleeve and your garment becomes artful. Its simple and inspiring.

Robert Graham shirts are known for their distinct details. Bold stitchwork, embroidered fabrics paired with stripes, square buttons, bright thread throughout. You can hardly define the designs as subtle. However, they remain sophisticated and brilliant. The details define the brand. Similar in flavor, yet not quite as spicy, are our Bugatchi and Visconti shirts from Italy. Unique design work is often found hidden along the button holes, so when the top two buttons are left open the beautiful detail is seen next to the crisp exterior fabric. Purely striking.

Thomas Dean Shirts

Alex Cannon adds suede piping along the edges of their knitwear and also offers a variety of shirts with contrasting fabric details. Bills Khakis incorporates plaids and ticking fabrics to the interior parts of their deep pocketed pants. Not visible to the onlooker but definitely worth seeing when you get dressed in the morning. St. Croix gives you a reason to respect their high fashion brand by choosing incredible metal zippers, hardware, and buttons. This season we are seeing leather mixed with knitwear, along with other surprisingly beautiful combinations.

One cannot forget Tommy Bahama. I am continually amazed at their attention to detail. Every shipment seems to outdo the last. We are seeing many reversible pieces, giving you two for the price of one. More than one style of button is sometimes matched with a particular shirt. Serged hemlines, intentional unfinished edges, small patches of fabric along the sides. . . It is obvious this brand believes that little things make a big difference.

Tommy Bahama Shirts

Vibrant Fall Fashions

Take a sneak peak at the early fall collections hitting the floor at The Foursome…


Fabulous Fall Colors. We love the interesting details and contrasting textiles in these fashionable woven shirts by Robert Graham.

Fresh New Brands. Everyone is talking about these sophisticated new shirts by Thomas Dean, brand new this fall at The Foursome.

Fantastic Ensembles.
Mix and match your favorite brands like Tommy Bahama, Polo, and 34 Heritage to create electric looks for work or play.

Fashionable Colored Pants.
For the hometown guy, we have new colored khakis and rustic plaid shirts by Bill’s Khakis. Made here in the USA.

Fabulous Outerwear.
Casual tees, sweaters, and jackets from The North Face. A great value and strikingly cool.