Find Your Perfect Fit

Introducing a new way to shop for the perfect shirt. This is custom redefined, the process now including words like reasonable, simple, and fast. The outcome eliminates compromise and produces a custom fit for every body type. It also includes style options and an alluring collection of quality fabrics to choose from.


Here’s how it works:

1) Find your fit in less than a minute

2) Try your size on and make adjustments

3) Customize your shirt fabric and style

4) Created and delivered in 7-10 days

It’s a cinch to find your perfect fit!
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Find Your Fit

When you come in to shop, our salesperson will take 3 quick measurements of chest, waist, and sleeve. The numbers are entered into the convenient datafit technology, which calculates your size and immediately shows your fit. Each shirt size is named after a street in New York City, where the shirts are made. A fun part of the process is finding out what the name of your perfect fit is.

Try It On

In our store we have over 99 custom shirt sizes to try on. Want a little trimmer fit or longer sleeve than your first try on? We will adjust the numbers slightly and find the new shirt to try on. By trying it on, you can feel the perfection for yourself.

Customize Your Shirt

This simple process gets exciting with the choice of over 100 luxury fabric swatches. Fabric options include wrinkle free, stretch, 100% Egyptian cotton woven in Europe, blends, and more. Depending on the fabric, shirts start at $125 (and no cons here, over 1/3 of the fabrics are available at this opening price). Next you choose from four collar and two cuff styles to suit your dress or casual needs. Lastly, you can personalize your shirt with monogramming for an extra fee of $10. Once your information is logged in, we simply place the order.

Created and Delivered in 7-10 days  

It’s a magical process, from measuring to customizing your shirt to creation and delivery in less than 10 days. Having your measurements on hand makes reordering a cinch. Options abound with this tactile and fast way to find the perfect shirt.

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David Donahue : Luxury Defined


David Donahue is a relatively newer brand for us at the Foursome, but the company started in 1972 by two friends in New York. For decades they exclusively made accessories but expanded their line to dress shirts in more recent years.


After adding David Donahue shirts to our collection in 2016, they have quickly become the go-to shirt for many of our quality seeking customers. The fabric is made of the finest long staple cotton yarns, yielding a soft and natural hand which provides comfort and style. To put it bluntly, the shirts fit perfectly, offering a moderately trimmer fit for the discerning modern man. From collar to cuff, these shirts are made well.






We are thrilled to offer a small curated collection of David Donahue sport shirts for Spring 2017. Their clean crisp colors with vibrant patterns pair great with a sport coat or a pair of stone five pocket twill pants. These sport shirts maintain the same great fit throughout the body and have a nicely structured collar, offering a wider range of possibilities from dress to casual wear.

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The Foursome’s David Donahue spring stock-up event runs March 30 – April 9, 2017. Save 25% when you buy 3 or more shirts.


There’s a New Shirt in Town



Now you can get the trim fit you’re looking for in a shirt that is moisture wicking, wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and has four way stretch. It’s almost to good to be true.



Mizzen + Main Performance

We are thrilled to offer Mizzen+Main, an innovative performance dress/sport shirt collection at The Foursome. Inspired by modern athletic wear and influenced by professional sensibilities, this is the epitome of Classics Evolved. These American-made shirts combine advanced performance fabrics with refined style and are changing the way men approach this staple of their wardrobe.

Founder Kevin Lavelle, while working in Washington, D.C., in the summer heat, watched a staffer run into a very important meeting—soaked in sweat. His shirt was two different colors, sticking to him, and he looked all-around terrible. It was unflattering to an up-and-coming statesman. An hour later, when his shirt was finally dry, it was wrinkled and disheveled. This was right around the time performance polo shirts started to become popular in golf and tennis—and the idea for a moisture-wicking dress shirt was born. Kevin launched Mizzen+Main in 2012 with the mission: To make the best shirts on the market and to make them here. Mizzen+Main is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We love the crisp patterns and classic colors in theses shirts as we head into the fall season. The fit is trim and these shirts look great on guys with an athletic build. Best of all, the stretch and comfort will change the way he looks at his shirts.

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Save up to 25% during our Mizzen+Main Stock-up Sale, August 16 – 20, 2017.