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It’s time to make your holiday list and check it twice! We’re serving up some creative ideas to get you started…then come into The Foursome and let our professional associates lead the way. Leave with your packages wrapped for free and ready for the tree. It’s that easy.


Cabin Fever with Heat
Swell bottle / Filson /  Sota / Cabin soap / Choppers


Genteel Taste with Drive
Truefitt & Hill / Marcoliani / The Ridge / Filson / Daniel Wellington / Fraas


Holly Jolly with Class
Trask / Saxx / Marcoliani / Cella shave / J.Z. Richards


Fireside Cozy with Ease
Olukai / True Grit / Darn Tough / Cedar candle / Tasc Performance


Dapper Goods with Glee
The Ridge / Eyebobs / Allen Edmonds / Cuff Links / Byron / Robert Jensen


The Foursome Fine Menswear is family-owned and operated for over 80 years. Located in Plymouth, MN or shop

Gift ideas for the Mr.


Gift Inspiration

It’s time to make your holiday list and check it twice. Get inspired by these ideas…then come into The Foursome and let our expert salespeople lead the way. Leave with your packages wrapped for free and ready for the tree. It’s that easy.


Mr. Dapper

classic, convenient, comfort

#inspired by Viyella, 34 Heritage, Peru Unlimited, Wiggins, Samuel Hubbard



Mr. Mistletoe

merry, mirthful, melodious

#inspired by Sota, Darn Tough, Kale Naturals, S’well, Byron




Mr. Uptown

modern, manly, mainstay

#inspired by Brax, Thaddeus, Desoto, Daniel Wellington



Mr. Camper

worry-free, warm, winsome

#inspired by True Grit, Saxx, Smartwool, Woodchuck USA, Barbour, S’well



Mr. Schwank

red-hot, refined, resourceful

#inspired by Allen Edmonds, Marcoliani, David Donahue, Truefit & Hill, M-Clip



Mr. Downtown

custom, current, cool

#inspired by Byron custom shirts, Dion



The Foursome Fine Men’s Apparel is family-owned and operated for over 80 years. Located in Plymouth, MN or shop

Find Your Perfect Fit

Introducing a new way to shop for the perfect shirt. This is custom redefined, the process now including words like reasonable, simple, and fast. The outcome eliminates compromise and produces a custom fit for every body type. It also includes style options and an alluring collection of quality fabrics to choose from.


Here’s how it works:

1) Find your fit in less than a minute

2) Try your size on and make adjustments

3) Customize your shirt fabric and style

4) Created and delivered in 7-10 days

It’s a cinch to find your perfect fit!
Watch our video: Custom Shirts

Find Your Fit

When you come in to shop, our salesperson will take 3 quick measurements of chest, waist, and sleeve. The numbers are entered into the convenient datafit technology, which calculates your size and immediately shows your fit. Each shirt size is named after a street in New York City, where the shirts are made. A fun part of the process is finding out what the name of your perfect fit is.

Try It On

In our store we have over 99 custom shirt sizes to try on. Want a little trimmer fit or longer sleeve than your first try on? We will adjust the numbers slightly and find the new shirt to try on. By trying it on, you can feel the perfection for yourself.

Customize Your Shirt

This simple process gets exciting with the choice of over 100 luxury fabric swatches. Fabric options include wrinkle free, stretch, 100% Egyptian cotton woven in Europe, blends, and more. Depending on the fabric, shirts start at $125 (and no cons here, over 1/3 of the fabrics are available at this opening price). Next you choose from four collar and two cuff styles to suit your dress or casual needs. Lastly, you can personalize your shirt with monogramming for an extra fee of $10. Once your information is logged in, we simply place the order.

Created and Delivered in 7-10 days  

It’s a magical process, from measuring to customizing your shirt to creation and delivery in less than 10 days. Having your measurements on hand makes reordering a cinch. Options abound with this tactile and fast way to find the perfect shirt.

Visit The Foursome for an introductory offer of 50% off your first Byron custom shirt.


Sport a Coat for Spring

Suits may not be your first choice to wear to the office, but a versatile sportcoat can do wonders for your workplace wardrobe. Our spring assortment of coats offer everything from traditional solids to easy blue plaids to fashion windowpanes. You have creative license to mix with sport shirts, bright neckties or pocket squares, fashion denim, and fun colored pants. For a modern look, fit is still critical. Many of this spring’s sportcoats are offered in trim fit and our on-site tailors are available for complimentary fittings.

Find your favorite looks from these fine brands:

Byron Clothing is based on British styling which is known to be a trim and fitted sportcoat without being tight or uncomfortable. Notice the natural slope of the jacket’s shoulder to see that Bryon cares not only about the design but the construction of every piece that they make.

Hardwick Clothes, America’s oldest continuously operated tailored clothing manufacturer, has called Cleveland, Tennessee its home since 1880. Their mission is to provide their customers with American-made products they can wear proudly.

Jack Victor has proudly been manufactured in Montreal for over 100 years. Their collection combines traditional craftsmanship with the finest materials available to produce elegant, high quality menswear for today’s sophisticated man. This spring’s lively color palette showcases the finest fabrics from Biella, Italy.

Hart Schaffner Marx clothing is defined by their American heritage, craftsmanship and quality. This spring we are excited to offer a variety of styles in their trimmer “New York” fit…soon to be the new classic, the raised armhole & slimmer sleeve help emphasize the gradual suppression through the waist. Complemented by a shorter jacket and narrow shoulder, it makes a statement without saying a word.

Save 20% on all sport coats during our spring tailored clothing event, March 16 – 26, 2017. Visit our store for a complete selection of tailored clothing and dress accessories.

Evolving Men’s Fashion: New Ideas for Fall

Cool evenings are sweeping us in the mood for layers and wool, texture, comfort, and rich colors. It’s that time of year again. The cycle of seasons changing brings beauty to our experiences and revives us in new ways. In a parallel way, men’s fashion continually cycles in new trends and ideas with the pattern of seasons, while retiring fading ones into the recycling bin only to be made into something new in seasons to come. One thing stands true, menswear is ever evolving. Stay current with these top five trends we’re seeing for fall:

1. Neckwear: New Contours, Colors and Textures
Just five years ago, the neckwear business had a bleak looking future. But thanks to reinventions and thinking outside the box, it is once again on the up and up. Four elements seem to be driving new excitement for this historic accessory: skinnier ties, color, seasonal fabric, and bow ties. The younger crowd is catching on and embracing it as well. So if your tie choices make you yawn, there are a plethora of inspiring new options to try. As for seasonal neckwear, Byron ties have incredibly interesting colors, weight, and textures to them. And by the way, you are no longer bound to only wearing neckwear with a suit. Guys are wearing this hot accessory with more casual wear as well.

Byron Neckties

Byron Neckties

2. Refined Casual Wear Inspired by Nature
Making a grand appearance this fall at the Foursome is a brand from New Zealand called Rodd & Gunn. Their philosophy is to create clothes that draw the best from nature in its purest state. The collection consists of cottons, wools, and leathers that are soft, practical, superbly textured and durable. Quality pulses in this brand and can be noticed a mile away both in the fit and the fabric. With a completely modern look that is grounded in the brand’s core values, the collection sings to a wide range of styles and preferences.

Rodd & Gunn apparel

Rodd & Gunn apparel

3. The New Fitting Pant
As denim business booms worldwide, we are starting to see denim-like pants popping up everywhere. They are called Five Pocket Pants, for the simple reason that they have five pockets like jeans do. With the ability to be both casual and dressier, they are perfectly versatile. Rodd & Gunn, Tommy Bahama, and 34 Heritage are a few good places to a start trying them on. A common misconception is that flat front, trimmer leg, shorter rise pants are only for the slender man. The fact is that these aspects in fit are well suited for all shapes and sizes.

5 pocket pants from 34 Heritage, Rodd & Gunn, and Tommy Bahama

5 pocket pants from 34 Heritage, Rodd & Gunn, and Tommy Bahama

4. The Versatile “Soft Coat”
Think outside tradition when you try on a sport coat this season. The new soft coat is hip, versatile, and less structured, lending to a more casual look. We are seeing them layered over button-down shirts, fine knit sweaters, and even long sleeve t-shirts. Wear with denim or any five pocket pant to work or on the weekend. It is the sport coat redefined.

Thaddeus soft coat over Bugatchi shirt and wool Byron necktie with 34 Heritage five pocket pants

Thaddeus soft coat over Bugatchi shirt and wool Byron necktie with 34 Heritage five pocket pants

5. Modern Fit
From suits to sport coats, woven shirts to pants, fit continues to trend toward the body. Less fabric and more contoured. The modern fit does not mean skinny, but current and flattering. And guys, this does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort to look good. A well-made garment will move with you and today’s fabric technology incorporates stretch without compromising quality and durability.

Modern fit Byron suit and neckwear

Modern fit Byron suit and neckwear

– By Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome

Men’s Spring Tailored Clothing: Subtle to Perfection, as Vibrant as you Like It

HSM_suit2_sp13 HSM_suit_sp13

Can you smell spring yet? Men’s fashion invigorates the senses this season. Fine lighter-weight fabrics remind us of warmer air. Beautiful subtle hue variations in threads create endless color options to accessorize with. Fresh ideas and up-to-date fashions sing like the newly returning birds. The clothing hitting our store this spring keeps getting better and better. I dress my favorite sportcoat on a mannequin and change it four days later with a new favorite suit. Choosing how to outfit each suit and sportcoat is perpetually fun. Though I am eager to introduce a few new clothing lines, mainstays Joseph Abboud, Hart Schaffner Marx, Jack Victor and Hickey Freeman all have stunning pieces this season as well.

So lets get things started with a drumroll…introducing The Foursome Signature Collection. A custom program with unlikely features and countless options. Crafting your own suit is like designing a house from the ground up. You get to have it exactly how you want it, down to the buttons. Do you have an athletic build? Always wanted a double breasted suit or a peak lapel? Ever wish you could flash a fancy lining when you reach for your business card? All the details are up to you. But don’t get intimidated if you are not an architect by trade, our skilled fashion experts will be with you in the process, from swatch hunting to measuring. The unusual thing about The Foursome Signature Collection is that you do not have to wait months for the clothing to be made. We are talking 1-2 weeks max! Its crazy. Suits and sportcoats starting at $695. Definitely sounds too good to be true. (But it is true.)

Next exciting news on the table is is a clothing line by the name of Byron. With a lengthy list of desirable features and consistent attention to detail, these suits and sportcoats are worth of a try-on. I especially appreciate the modern “British” fit and balanced jacket design. It is tailored to created some waist suppression, has a trimmer sleeve head and a slightly shorter jacket length.

byron_model-3 a_in_stock_canvas_suit_canvas_construction

Byron boasts of its canvas construction with a floating chestpiece. Sounds superlative, right? Well I had to look up exactly what that means. In brief, there are three types of coat construction. Full canvas construction is handmade with a free-floating piece of material between the jacket’s exterior fabric and interior lining. (Takes forever to make!) Fused means it has a layer of glue or adhesive that completely binds the layers together, creating a stiffer and less natural fitting coat. Between these extremes is (old world) Canvas Construction with a (modern technology) Floating Chestpiece. The canvas provides a proper drape, while the floating (not fused) upper chest ensures a longer lifespan and more natural fit when you are on the move. One surface detail to look for is pick stitching, a simple running stitch that catches only a few threads of fabric at a time. Subtle handwork is a sign of quality in fashion.  Click here for a more extensive look at the Byron suit design.

I must mention the vibrant neckwear we are seeing. Screaming with color and so very tastefully made. (not too surprising since I have been writing about the color craze in fashion these days, its everywhere.) Our London made ties by Seward and Stern will make you want to walk all over town. They remain committed to the time-honored craft of cutting and folding ties by hand, being one of the few out there to design and color their own neckwear. Geometric and organic patterns to boost your own aesthetic.


If the idea of putting on another tie does not excite you, let me clue you into an equally appropriate alternative. The pocket square. Think of it as your new maintenance-free accessory. I am even suggesting it in place of the tie every once in a while. We have a great spring selection with interesting color combinations and patterns. It may break your own rule book but I promise you won’t be the only guy out there doing it.

– By Beth Dougherty, Inspiration and Display Coordinator at The Foursome