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It’s time to refresh your professional wardrobe with the season’s best fashions and modern fit during our semi-annual

Tailored Clothing & Custom Event
September 14-24, 2017

20% off // suits, sport coats, and custom clothing
15% off // neckwear, dress pants, dress shirts and dress shoes

Shop hand-picked collections from fine brands including: Byron, Hart Schaffner Marx, Jack Victor, Hardwick, Ballin, Enro, Forsyth, David Donahue, Allen Edmonds, and Cole Haan.

Byron Clothing is based on British styling which is known to be a trim and fitted sportcoat without being tight or uncomfortable. Notice the natural slope of the jacket’s shoulder to see that Bryon cares not only about the design but the construction of every piece that they make. Don’t forget to try our NEW Byron custom shirts and save 50% on your first shirt. 

Hardwick Clothes, America’s oldest continuously operated tailored clothing manufacturer, has called Cleveland, Tennessee its home since 1880. Their mission is to provide their customers with American-made products they can wear proudly.

Jack Victor has proudly been manufactured in Montreal for over 100 years. Their collection combines traditional craftsmanship with the finest materials available to produce elegant, high quality menswear for today’s sophisticated man. This spring’s lively color palette showcases the finest fabrics from Biella, Italy.

Hart Schaffner Marx clothing is defined by their American heritage, craftsmanship and quality. This spring we are excited to offer a variety of styles in their trimmer “New York” fit…soon to be the new classic, the raised armhole & slimmer sleeve help emphasize the gradual suppression through the waist. Complemented by a shorter jacket and narrow shoulder, it makes a statement without saying a word.


Visit The Foursome in Plymouth, MN to shop our complete selection of fine menswear.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Introducing a new way to shop for the perfect shirt. This is custom redefined, the process now including words like reasonable, simple, and fast. The outcome eliminates compromise and produces a custom fit for every body type. It also includes style options and an alluring collection of quality fabrics to choose from.


Here’s how it works:

1) Find your fit in less than a minute

2) Try your size on and make adjustments

3) Customize your shirt fabric and style

4) Created and delivered in 7-10 days

It’s a cinch to find your perfect fit!
Watch our video: Custom Shirts

Find Your Fit

When you come in to shop, our salesperson will take 3 quick measurements of chest, waist, and sleeve. The numbers are entered into the convenient datafit technology, which calculates your size and immediately shows your fit. Each shirt size is named after a street in New York City, where the shirts are made. A fun part of the process is finding out what the name of your perfect fit is.

Try It On

In our store we have over 99 custom shirt sizes to try on. Want a little trimmer fit or longer sleeve than your first try on? We will adjust the numbers slightly and find the new shirt to try on. By trying it on, you can feel the perfection for yourself.

Customize Your Shirt

This simple process gets exciting with the choice of over 100 luxury fabric swatches. Fabric options include wrinkle free, stretch, 100% Egyptian cotton woven in Europe, blends, and more. Depending on the fabric, shirts start at $125 (and no cons here, over 1/3 of the fabrics are available at this opening price). Next you choose from four collar and two cuff styles to suit your dress or casual needs. Lastly, you can personalize your shirt with monogramming for an extra fee of $10. Once your information is logged in, we simply place the order.

Created and Delivered in 7-10 days  

It’s a magical process, from measuring to customizing your shirt to creation and delivery in less than 10 days. Having your measurements on hand makes reordering a cinch. Options abound with this tactile and fast way to find the perfect shirt.

Visit The Foursome for an introductory offer of 50% off your first Byron custom shirt.