Introducing SWIMS

Introducing SWIMS, a new footwear brand at The Foursome for Spring 2017!

SWIMS was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2006 and has become a vibrant and sought-after lifestyle brand. While Scandinavia is famous for clean and minimalistic design, Norwegian brands are particularly functional and have to adapt to the highly contrasting seasons they face at home. Norwegians, famous for fearlessly adapting between the heaviest winter months to the ‘warm’ summer months on the fjord, therefore require ultimate versatility and functionality. With this in mind, they allow the typical urban Scandinavian to look sleek with a touch of cheekiness, comfort and ultimate functionality fit for warm days out on the boat during the summer season.

The more SWIMS grow, the more committed they are to their core philosophy. During the development process of new projects, they humorously often use the phrase: “to SWIMSify”. But make no mistake; this playful approach to design is always matched by an equally large commitment to the quality and the functionality of their products. Who says what is fun and friendly cannot also be great?

Come try on a pair in store or shop online.

“The ultimate footwear for bathing, sailing and playing around in water.”


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