Why Enro?


Why Enro? The Best Performing Shirt in the World

LUXE CRAFT: Beautifully crafted and designed

LUXE CARE: Non-iron, stays sleek all day long

LUXE SOFT: Soft feel, luxurious and lasting

LUXE AIR: Cooling to enhance breathability

LUXE WASH: Stain release collar and cuff

LUXE GUARD: Sun protection UVA and UVB rays


General Style
Enro offers foundational wardrobe pieces for any man in both dress and casual clothing. Enro’s style is best described as classic, timeless and basic.

Approach to Business
The Enro Shirt Company is dedicated solely to the tradition of quality, value and service, has manufactured and marketed the Enro brand to specialty stores through the United States for almost 100 years. Their quality fabrics, design and attention to detail have made them one of the premier manufacturers for thousands of specialty stores.

Merchandise Sold at The Foursome
The Foursome sells Enro non-iron dress shirts, sport shirts, dress pants and casual pants in mens, big and tall sizes. Shop The Foursome’s selection of Enro during our biannual Stock-Up Sale.

Company History
Ninety-seven years ago, Nathan Rosenblum built a dream into reality by bringing to life the Enro Shirt Company. In the years following, the company changed hands several times and faced periods of hardship, but become a leader in the dress shirt industry.

The first dress shirt with the Enro label was manufactured in the year 1919. The plant was located at 311 West Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. In the first year, Enro employed only twenty people in 22,000 square feet of working space. Bernard and Sidney Rosenblum, two of Nathan Rosenblum’s sons were a part of that small team. Before the company could produce a second line, the bottom fell out of the cotton market.

The Rosenblum family stood to lose their newborn dream. They decided to give the public something different. Back then, shirts were without collars attached. They were called neckband shirts, which was the style of that time. Enro began manufacturing shirts with collars, predominantly button-down oxford styles, and created a demand for their product in a market flooded with collarless shirts.

The dream came to life once again. In the year 1949, Enro merged with Wilson Brothers. At the time of the joining, Enro employed eight hundred people and was manufacturing over two million garments. These garments included dress shirts, sport shirts, and pajamas. The company Nathan Rosenblum and his sons began had become a name to be respected in the men’s clothing industry. Nathan Rosenblum named the company after himself. (The “En” is for the “N” in Nathan and the “Ro” is from Rosenblum.)

For eighty-eight years, Enro has been marketing a line of Branded Men’s dress shirts and sportswear to over 2,000 active retailers from coast-to-coast. The division’s success is no mystery: The highest standards of production, quality details, superb service and highly competitive pricing have all contributed. Today’s Enro has broadened its business to include the following product categories supported by a major in-stock program and is marketed to moderate and better specialty stores. Not only does Enro design and manufacture fine men’s dress shirts in blends and all cotton, but also sportswear and pants that are consistent with our superior quality and design.

Where is Enro made?
Enro is imported from overseas.

What is the fabric care?
Enro shirts are known to for qualities like non-iron, easy care, machine washable and dryable. A little touch up may be necessary but shirts and pants come out the dryer virtually wrinkle free.


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