Exclusive Interview with the Man Behind Byron: Spiro Arvanitakis

Byron clothing is making a name for itself right here in Plymouth, Minnesota. Like any Cinderella story, this one is charming. It includes family heritage, partnership, and incredible attention to detail. The story involves history, expertise, and good people working together to serve good customers. At The Foursome, we have been truly charmed by the finery behind the Byron Label that produces a perfect fitting garment. Since a suit jacket is ultimately about fit, this one rises to the top. Through years of experience in men’s fashion, Byron has created a British style trimmer-cut suit that is not tight, and is truly comfortable. It allows freedom of movement that every guy desires. Trends in fashion will always come and go. Though rare, there exists the notion of timeless fashion. Byron suits fall into this unique category as they encapsulate the proper fitting garment. As they say, “the fit belongs to Byron, the rest is up to you”

Spiro Arvanitakis, designer and owner of Byron was born into tailored clothing. This plays out in his exclusive apparel line that has become one of The Foursome’s leading labels. Each season he and his team create inspiring menswear that consists of rich fabrics, textures, and colors. In order to show a bit of the “personality” behind the Byron obsession, we asked Spiro himself a few questions to gain insights into his beloved clothing.

Check out this interview with the Byron man himself, Spiro Arvanitakis.

What is one of your best sources of inspiration?

Growing up in my father’s custom tailor shop definitely gave me the appreciation for craftsmanship required to tailor fine clothing.  Of course, there was an emphasis on impeccable fit.  My father taught me that making a garment fit close to the body, but not tight, gave greater ease of movement.  Allowing a jacket to move with you, rather than merely hanging on you.

In your travels, can you recall a memorable person who was dressed remarkably well?

I love how the British are open to dramatic use of color.  We think of them as conservative (stiff upper lip and all that), but in reality, they love to experiment in breaking the rules of traditional fashion.  After all, they created these sartorial standards for men.  I’ll never forget a classically styled suit, on a Londoner, that was elegantly detailed, but outfitted with an outrageously bright, colored shirt and tie.

What do you especially love about mens fashion?

I love how mens fashion can enhance your quality of life.  I think women understand better than men, how wearing the right clothing, for any event, can elevate the experience.  A romantic meal is made more memorable, by dressing for the event.  Wearing a powerful, business suit makes your presentation more inspiring and professional.  Wearing an elegant evening suit or tuxedo shows a man off to his best advantage, next to his beautifully dressed date.  And dressing well to all important social occasions shows respect to those attending.

What is a trend in tailored clothing that you personally appreciate at the moment?

It’s exciting to see young men wanting to dress up.  There’s a coolness about wearing a suit, whether it’s needed or not.  Today the sophisticated, sharp, young guy understands that he sets himself apart, by wearing a well-tailored modern suit.

Any “behind the scenes” stories about Byron in the making?

My family heritage is from a Greek island that had been part of the British empire. The elegance of the British style of dress was celebrated by my father and all of the tailors on that island.  Byron is the name of an English aristocratic poet at the turn of the 18th century.  He was the rock star of his times, penning epic poems like “Don Juan.”  Byron was also a Greek national hero, dying while battling to liberate Greece from Ottoman occupation.

In a sentence or two, what makes Byron clothing so exceptional?

Byron clothing is hand-tailored, with old world craftsmanship that you’d expect in much more expensive designer clothing.  Better quality fabrics and better tailoring create a modern style that flatters all men.

What advice can you give to boost a guy’s confidence in wearing modern menswear?

All men look better when they wear a suit coat.  Whether it’s a dressy look or sporty, the fact is that men of all shapes and sizes look slimmer and more muscular as soon as they throw on a well-tailored jacket.

What do you aim to accomplish through the Bryon label?

Byron’s success has been entirely driven by providing the quality and appearance of the worlds greatest designer clothing, but doing so at a more affordable “bridge” price point.


1 thought on “Exclusive Interview with the Man Behind Byron: Spiro Arvanitakis

  1. Great article, I have seen very little social media dedicated to Byron, so this was a pleasant surprise. I recently purchased a Byron suite from Utah Woolen Mills (UWM). This will be my first “real” suit (due to the canvassing). My previous suit was a US made Hugo Boss, and I was highly tempted to purchase another, but after digging, and doing some better research on suit construction it lead me to Byron. Moreover, an attractive price point helped make my decision. This being said, it was right in line with Hugo Boss (cost) but a much better fit, and I coult tell right away the fit was much more detailed. I also was tempted to buy at Brooks Brothers, however, I felt their look was dated. My only suggestion to you Mr. Spiro Arvanitakis – get heavily involved in social media. With a growing market of young professionals, who are interested in quality, at a fine price point, I feel that your brand will only grow. Regards, BWH

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