Color your Spring Palette

Tommy Bahama Knit Shirt

Lucky for you, spring menswear is about color. According to The Foursome’s menswear buyer, Scott Winterbottom, you can look forward to fresh colors like lavender, orange, and green this season. Spring is a time to utilize color in interesting ways. Besides color, you can also add performance and comfort to your expectation list.

Like the drab “winter” landscape (since ours in MN has been especially so) blossoming into spring, your wardrobe will soon come to life with bright new colors, dyed twill, and a sophisticated mixing of prints and patterns. Even if you do not consider yourself a trend adopter, we are here to help with a few new ideas for spring.

Neon: Including neon in your wardrobe can be tastefully done by adding it as an accent to an otherwise mundane look. Try accessorizing with neon pocket squares, ties, socks, etc. Neon colors also pair well with neutral colors. For example, check out our Tommy Bahama Aruba Zip in slightly washed out neon colors like melon and key lime. Pair this with their authentic twill 5 pocket khakis.

Dyed Pants: Sticking with their “hometown, deep-pocket, made in America” flavor, Bills Khaki is very much with the times this season when it comes to their dyed cotton vintage twill pants in Atlantic blue, butter yellow, and salmon red. These pants are proof that you can stick to your traditions and be current at the same time.

Colored Sport coats: I wouldn’t suggest a neon sport coat but you may consider something other than a navy blazer this spring. We have a beautiful linen/silk blended sport coat by Joseph Abboud. It can be dressed up or down. We like it paired with a lavender and green patterned shirt or over a more monochrome dress shirt with blues and greens. Tie or no tie, it typifies the emphasis of spring colors in your clothing wardrobe.

Colored Dress Shirts: We offer a wide selection of dress shirts by Enro and Forsyth of Canada. Both solid colored dress shirts and patterned dress shirts can be included in your spring look this season. Many of our seasonal fashion shirts can be added to your existing spring wardrobe for a fresh look.

Prints and Patterns: Patterned dress shirts can be paired with colorful ties and even bold prints. Try contrasting pale colors with saturated colors or subtle patterns with bolder prints. St. Croix has designed a perfect spring collection that incorporates vibrant colors and patterns.

The 1/4 Zip: If you do not own one of these (or if you own five already), we have a plethora to choose from. This classic, versatile, and comfortable item of clothing is a must have in any man’s wardrobe. From St. Croix to Tommy Bahama, to many of our golf lines, there are various colors and fabrics to choose from.


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