The Foursome Man: Well Suited for Business

A popular business rule suggests you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. A new year brings resolve to polish up those bad fashion habits and set yourself up for a successful year in both your professional and personal life. By using a little thought and planning, you can achieve a work wardrobe that shows you care about presenting yourself in the best manner possible.

When it comes to men and the office, wearing the proper clothing shows helps you feel well suited for any occasion. Whether it be an interview for a promotion, a board meeting presentation, or a meeting with clients – when you dress like a professional you will feel like a professional.

We suggest a few general rules:

  1. Err towards being overdressed. Almost everyone has been there and knows that it’s harder to overcome being underdressed than being overdressed.
  2. Choose the right suit. A suit is the anchor of a professional man’s wardrobe.
    1. Most importantly a suit must fit correctly. If your weight has fluctuated, proper tailoring/alterations can easily make your suit wearable again.
    2. Investing in a well made suit of quality fabrics will pay off over time and will last you many years.
    3. It is important to rotate your suits to give them the chance to “rest” between wearing. It will benefit you to add a new suit into your wardrobe to allow all of your suits to last longer.
    4. There is nothing boring about a crisp and tasteful navy or grey suit. Whereas there is a place for fashion forward suits and sport coats, be sure you have the basics covered first.
  3. Accessories are what get noticed. Be sure your shirts are clean and pressed and the collars are not pilling or worn. Collar stays are necessary to give you a crisp look on point collar dress shirts. We suggest Enro or Forsyth non-iron dress shirts for easy care and great everyday wearability. Neckties and pocket squares add the finishing touch to your look and can give a pop of color and personality.
  4. Clean and polished dress shoes are a must. Shoes are often the part of a man’s wardrobe that are most neglected (but most noticed by women!). If your shoes are in good shape, take care of them with a brush & polish (we recommend Allen Edmond shoe polish that comes with a hand sponge right on the end!), replace broken laces, place them in shoe trees when not being worn, and wear rubber overshoes in sloppy weather. Shoes also need proper rotation to extend their life, so be sure you have several black and brown options in your closet. The Foursome shoe store offers quality dress shoe brands like Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan, Ecco, and Florsheim.

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